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Graduate and Undergraduate FAQs

Got a burning question about our graduate programme, internships or placements? You may well find the answer below:

How can I contact the resourcing team?

If you’ve got questions about working for FirstGroup, our programmes or the selection process, we’re more than happy to answer them. Just email

You can also contact us on social media. Just search for FirstGroup Graduates on your Social Media Platforms.

How many graduates will you recruit this year?

For a usual year we recruit around 20-25 graduates and 5-10 undergraduates onto our programmes each year.

Do I have to choose between Bus and Rail when I apply?

Most of our programmes are in Bus or Rail, with some are in our Group functions too. But they are all very different, so it’s best to do some research and see which suits you best. If you apply for more than one programme, we’ll be asking for your preference before we progress your chosen application.

If I don't have exactly the right qualifications will I still be considered?

For some of our programmes, we don’t require a specific degree subject. For others we do. Just make sure you have or are expected to receive the degree qualifications as described in each programme vacancy.

With regards to the level of your degree, for most vacancies you will have, or be on track to achieve at least a 2:2. See the vacancy listing for further details.

Above your degree, you will also:

  • Be curious, enthusiastic and passionate about understanding how our business operates and how you can help us achieve our goals.
  • Ideally have some business or commercial experience or work, internship or volunteering experience.
  • Be a natural team worker who builds strong relationships at every level.
  • Always put safety and our customers at the heart of everything you do.
  • Have the ambition to drive your own career development.

What happens after I apply?

Once you’ve submitted your application, there will be four more stages of the selection process. If you’re successful at each stage, we’ll tell you if you have a place on your chosen programme by spring of the year for which you are applying.

Can I defer my start date?

We’re sorry, but that’s not possible. Our graduate induction takes place in September each year with all our graduates present. The induction gives you a professional welcome to you FirstGroup Programme and your Operating Company - plus the chance to meet senior managers. You’ll also take part in valuable management training modules that will be essential throughout your graduate programme.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to defer by a year either. Our recruitment needs change every year – in short, it’s now or never.

What can I expect to do?

All of our Operating Companies are different and so your programmes will be too. In some, you’ll be on the frontline, getting hands-on experience. In others, you could be working on critical major projects. And all the time, you could be moving between HQs, stations and depots. What’s more, some placements will last longer than others – but that’s the beauty of it: you’ll get an extremely diverse experience that covers many aspects of the transport services offered through FirstGroup.

Can I transfer from one scheme to another?

For our Rail programmes, as you are employed by a particular operator, once you’ve accepted a place on a scheme, you won’t be able to transfer. For Bus graduates you will be Employed by First Bus and will be located within one particular region.

Organising placements, line managers and mentors is a complicated and lengthy process, so once arrangements are made, we’re not able to change them. For that reason, we encourage you to choose wisely and apply for only the right programme that matches your background and career aspirations.

Where will I work within FirstGroup?

Our programmes put graduates and students across the UK within a First Bus region or a Train Operating Company. More details can be found in vacancy adverts but for all our programme, a degree of flexibility with travel and relocation is needed should you be asked to move around to gain the most out of the programme.

Will I be provided with a uniform?

Not necessarily – though appropriate safety equipment will be provided. It all depends on the placement you’re on at the time. As a management trainee you should wear smart, business dress.

What equipment will I be provided with?

We’ll give you a laptop, mobile phone and any safety or technical equipment you need for your roles.

What job opportunities can I expect after I finish the programme?

It all depends on the programme you have completed, our business needs and your skills and ambitions. However, our graduates typically start their careers in these areas:

For Rail - Station Management, Contracts Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Train Planning, Train Crew Management or Finance Operations.
For Bus - Service Delivery Management, Operations Management, Staff Management, Project Management, Depot Management, Engineering Workshop Management or Finance Operations.

Do I have to pay for my professional training?

We’re committed to supporting the professional development of all our people. So, when appropriate we’ll look to fund any business aligned qualifications or training outside of your programme, that will accelerate your career with us - As long as you show the commitment to delivering the expectations that will be set for your role.

I did not graduate recently - can I still apply?

We welcome applications from graduates of any age and background. As long as you meet the minimum qualification requirements as advertised for your chosen scheme you can apply.

I’ve a disability - can I still apply?

We welcome applications from people with disabilities. And like many companies, we’ll ask you to pass a medical before starting the scheme. For safety reasons, we need to make sure you can carry out certain tasks depending upon your role in the business. If you have colour restricted vision, you may also find that you’re not able to progress to certain roles at FirstGroup.

How do I apply to the graduate scheme?

It’s easy. Search for an advertised graduate vacancy. When you find you the one you want, click on the ‘apply’ button at the bottom. That will take you straight to the application form.

I don't have a National Insurance (NI) number - can I still apply?

Yes, you can still submit your application. However, we will need a National Insurance number later on in our selection process. You’ll need one before you can start a role with us. So it makes sense to get a NI number as soon as possible. Visit to find out how. If you have any queries about this please contact us.

I’ve completed my video interview and not heard from you?

We’ll try to keep you informed of your progress at each stage of the selection process. However, because we get so many applications, there may be times when we’re busy screening large numbers of people and take more time than usual to get back to you. In this situation, we’ll be in touch with the result as soon as we can. In the meantime, please do feel free to contact us.

When are the Assessment Centres?

We usually hold Assessment Centres in spring. If you gain a place at an assessment, we will send you all the information you need well in advance of the date.

When do you open your applications for Summer Internships?

Stay tuned. If we’re offering Summer Internships this year, we’ll advertise them on our website. We normally commence advertising sometime between November and the New Year.

Do you offer sponsorship if I don’t have the relevant right to work in the UK?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer sponsorship. You need the right to work in the UK in order to apply to the programme.

When do applications close for the Graduate Programmes?

The deadline to submit your application for our September graduate intake is usually in January and will be advertised in individual programme vacancies. For undergraduate internship opportunities it is usually early February. However, as we receive large amounts of applications, we recommend sending your application as soon as possible.

What tests will I have to do as part of my application?

We use online testing for a variety of roles. These include verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning tests.

I am having problems with my online testing - what do I do?

Our Graduate Team will be happy to help with any technical problems you may be experiencing with your online tests. You can contact them via email at

What should I do if I receive another offer before I complete my Assessment Centre?

We want you to choose the career that’s right for you. So, we recommend that you complete the selection process for all the companies you have applied to – including ours. This means you’ll have the widest possible range of options. If our timeframes don’t work for you, please get in touch before you make a final decision so we can discuss your situation. However, if you do decide to withdraw your application, please ensure you inform us so that we are able to offer any assessment places to an alternative candidate.

FAQs - Apprentices

Got a burning question about our Apprentiship programmes? You may well find the answer below:

What makes an apprenticeship different to other jobs?

Our apprenticeship provides you with on the job training and the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised standard in your chosen field.

What type of apprenticeships are there?

We have a range of apprenticeships in Engineering across the country. In addition, apprenticeships in Business Administration leading to opportunities in HR, Customer Service and Operations at our Shared Services centre in the heart of Leeds.

Is there an age restriction?

Apprentice applications are welcome from all ages.

Are there any formal entry requirements?

We expect reasonable Maths and English grades on application, though you will be assessed on your skills around the apprenticeship on our assessment days.

If I fail the assessment, can I re apply?

Yes, on the next opening date.

What is involved in the apprenticeship?

You will be required to work towards the nationally recognised standard, supported by your workplace mentor and our training provider.

You will be required to take an end assessment by and independent organisation to complete your apprenticeship standard.

What happens if I fail?

You will be able to sit the endpoint assessment again. However, we will ensure that your tested ongoing through the duration of your apprenticeship.

Will I have to go away from home?

You may have to travel for training or business requirements.

Will expenses be covered?

All travel, hotel and breakfast and evening meal costs will be provided by us.

Is there a job at the end of the apprenticeship?

We value our apprentices and if you achieve the national recognised apprenticeship standard, you’ll be able to apply for exciting opportunities with us.

Can I apply for a position before I complete my apprenticeship?

The different operating companies have minimum time periods before you can apply for a position and usually require you to complete the academic elements of the course.