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Interview & CV Tips

At First, we don’t just do a job. We help entire communities to go to school, get to work and enjoy life. All sorts of adventures and new beginnings start our journeys. So, we want the best talent to join our team.

Every day our people drive our success. Our colleagues are on the frontline, working as one team to deliver quality services, attract more customers and make sure people come back, time after time. It’s why we’re so passionate about attracting top talent and helping everyone here to fulfil their potential and perform at their best. To help you on your journey and get your dream job, we’ve put together some hints and tips for you.

Make sure you get a really good understanding of what we look for in our people. And also ask yourself - why do you want to join First? We’re after people who are passionate about working for us and providing a great service to our customers. So, throughout the recruitment process, show us that you share our drive, motivation and values.

This is your chance to make a great first impression. So, take the time to sell your qualities in the best way possible. Let us know about your life. Your work experience. The skills you have that are relevant to the role (some of our jobs are very specific in terms of experience and qualifications because of their safety or technical nature). And give as much detail as possible about your current and previous roles, and their duties and responsibilities.

But it's not just about skills and experience. You’ll also need a real passion for delivering exceptional customer service standards and maintaining high levels of customer safety.

When you’re filling out your application, remember to:

  • Show yourself in the best light possible, by taking your time and making sure you don’t leave anything important out.
  • Present your skills and experiences in a timeline format with your most recent achievements first.
  • Explain any gaps in employment or education (a gap year can be just as useful as a year in employment).
  • Keep your application clear, concise and to the point.
  • Use the space provided and organise your information, so it’s easy to read and in a logical order. Bullet points are a good way to break things up. Just like we do here.
  • Avoid leaving blank spaces or being vague in your answers, as some parts of your application will be scored as part of our shortlisting process.
  • Tailor your application to the role, as sending out the same application for every job won’t make you stand out.

Interviews can be a bit nerve-racking. But they are also the best way for us to get to know each other a bit better. So, keep calm, be yourself, be honest and remember to show us your personality and best qualities.

  • Detail is key – check the details of your interview, such as the date, time and location.
  • Think about your appearance – make sure you look smart and professional. Also think about how you can best reflect our business.
  • Sell yourself – This is your chance to make a good impression. So, familiarise yourself with the key skills we’re looking for. Also think about examples of situations that will help you to sell yourself.
  • Punctuality – plan your journey and be prepared for any unexpected delays so you arrive on time and don’t feel rushed!
  • Be aware of your body language – the way you present yourself tells us a lot about you. So, maintain eye contact with your interviewer and build a good rapport.
  • Listen – make sure you listen to the question that is asked and try to avoid going off track during your answer.
  • Speak clearly & confidently – it’s not just what you say, but how you say it.
  • Be yourself – don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Relax and remain calm and you’ll present yourself well and sell your skills.