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About us

Our mission is Driving Change For Tomorrow. This means putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and exceeding expectations wherever we can. Making sure thousands of journeys a day run smoothly is a complex business. Especially when we operate in so many urban areas, where the bus is the most effective way of tackling traffic congestion.

This is why we’re redefining and repositioning bus travel. And we’ve made our largest ever investment in bus services outside of London, ordering 425 new vehicles (including six electric buses) totalling £70 million. We’ve now invested around £310 million in 2,000 new vehicles over the last four years that offer new features such as Wi-Fi, so our customers can get to where they want to go as quickly, safely and as comfortably as possible. We are serious about investing in technology and now have contactless payment available across all FirstBus companies - for more information click here

We’re also always investing in the best talent and training, so our people have the skills, knowledge and resources they need to take our services further than ever before.

Meet some of the First Family at First Bus

  • Family here at First is quite tight. We help each other out all the time. Especially when a new driver comes in, we just pull them under our wing and show them the way.

    Lincoln Bus Driver,
    First Bus
  • Every member of the public is different. From day to day you don’t know what you’re going to face. The big thing is the enjoyment of seeing someone get from A to B.

    Hugh Bus Driver & Union Rep,
    First Bus
  • Every day is different when you’re doing this job. And it's the variety of it and you meet some lovely people.

    Michelle Travel Shop Assistant,
    First Bus
  • My sister works for First, and she recommended First to me. So I applied, got the job and I love it!

    David Bus Driver,
    First Bus
  • I’ve done 29 years as a Bus Driver for First. I enjoy driving and meeting the passengers.

    Michael Bus Driver,
    First Bus
  • I love the role, I like to meet new people everyday!

    Jaydon Bus Driver,
    First Bus

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